€4M Seed round for Kertos, a privacy & compliance automation startup

We are happy to announce that we led the €4M Seed round for Kertos, a privacy & compliance automation startup

Kertos is revolutionizing European privacy tech with its no-code system integrations and automated privacy workflows, ensuring GDPR compliance without any data transfer outside the EU.

"We are impressed by the technical excellence and vision of the Kertos team and are delighted to be a part of their growth story," said Philipp Werner, Investment Manager at Redstone/VR Ventures. "Through its no-code solution, Kertos secures a seamless execution of global privacy & compliance regulations and implement processes with minimal personnel involvement. In an ever increasing digital economy, for many organizations processing (personal) client data becomes the operational backbone and, therefore, a compliant and efficient data storage/management is crucial."

Congrats to Kertos’ founders Dr. Kilian Schmidt, Johannes Hussak, Alexander Prams, and the rest of the team for their incredible work. We're excited to lead their Seed round with the participation of our friends and first investors at 10x Founders, as well as further participation of seed + speed Ventures, Pi Labs, xdeck, and a handful of terrific angels.